The Governor’s Palace

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The Governor’s Palace complex of approximately 7 hectares lies reburied on Hajógyár Island in Óbuda, awaiting its display to the public. The ruins discovered so far have an exceptional position in the Roman heritage of Budapest not only because of their original function and unique location, but also their internal decorations, wall paintings and mosaic floors. The site’s most important finds and a part of the wall paintings and mosaics are on display in the permanent exhibition of the Aquincum Museum.


The Military Town Amphitheatre

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The arena floor of the Military Town amphitheatre is larger than that of the Colosseum!

Castellum contra Teutanum

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The Castellum contra Teutanum fort (known earlier as Contra Aquincum) stood on what is now Március 15 Square.

Contra Aquincum

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The Contra Aquincum fort (known earlier as Transaquincum) stood at the mouth of the Rákos Stream, by present-day Népfürdő Street. The structure can no longer be seen.

The Albertfalva fort and settlement

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Located between Aquincum and Nagytétény (Campona), the Albertfalva fort played a significant strategic role on the frontier of the Roman Empire in Pannonia.

Campona: the fort of an auxiliary unit in Nagytétény

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The visible remains of the fort are the porta principalis sinistra and the porta praetoria, the fort's eastern and southern gates.