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Bálint Kuzsinszky Archaeological Library
Address: 4 Záhony Street, Budapest, H-1031
Phone: +36-1-430-10-81 / 223
Code: B 1187
Type: special library, library of science I.
Librarian: Anna Keszthelyi

limited lending
reading room
in special circumstances photocopy
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Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9.00 – 15.30
Friday: 9.00 – 14.00

The most important subject areas:
Prehistoric, Ancient and Migration Period Archaeology, within these ages:
history of Budapest,
history of Hungarians and Hungary
World  history,
ancient – history of cities and towns,
economic and social history, military history,
art, architecture, religion, history, epigraphy, museumpedagogy

The Budapest History Museum (BTM) has a single library but presently the departments of the museum may be found in three different locations. Aquincum was permitted to open its own library in 1992. Our collection is based on books transfered from the Károly Palace. As opportunity permitted, selection was based on books bearing the old Aquincum stamp and all books and journals required for the research being carried out by the museum’s staff. Unfortuantely, because of space limitations many useful books had to remain in the Archaeology Department library although there are lending possibilities. There are many books in our collection from the pre-war Aquincum museum library which are missing from other professional librarys. An important part of our library is made up of 90 volumes from our archival collection. An outstanding part of the library at Aquincum is composed of the Kuzsinszky collection donated by Kuzsinszky’s widow to the museum in 1939. Our library currently makes use of a catalogue organized in alphabetical order by storage place, author. and subject catalogue. In 2010 a computerized, integrated  system has been developped. At the moment, additions to the collections derive from exchanges carried out through the library of the BTM medieval department. We have also received many books as gifts through the mediation of the excellent international connections of many of the staff, not an irrelevant point of view given the present financial difficulties of museums in Hungary.