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Óbuda Night of Culture

Come to Óbuda and take part in a cultural marathon on 1 August from 4pm until midnight!

Cultural institutions of District III in Budapest, including museums, galleries, cafés and libraries, joined forces to organise a cultural event in Óbuda similar to the Night of the Museums. 

And so the Óbuda Night of Culture was born.

The event will be held on 1 August 2020 from 16:00 until midnight.

Visitors can purchase their tickets at any participating institution. Tickets cost 1000 HUF pp., and are valid for all Óbuda Night of Culture venues. Free admission for people under 14 years of age. The Óbuda discounts do not apply. Some events and activities may incur further costs (as indicated). 

Events at the Aquincum Museum (Address: 1031 Budapest, Szentendrei út 135.)

16:00-20:00        Arts and crafts activities:

animal masks, laurel wreaths, pottery, fans, pebble painting, plaster figurines, Roman helmets

To take part in the arts and crafts activities, visitors must purchase an additional arts and crafts ticket.

16:00-20:30        Coin collecting game

16:00-21:00        Games at the mini-arena for kids

16:00-21:00        Archery, spear throwing, face painting at the Celtic camp

16:00-21:00        Legionaries at Aquincum (army drills and life at camp)

16:00-21:00        Coin minting

16:00-17:30; 18:30-20:00;  22:30-23:30  Ask the Barbarian – forunte telling based on ancient recipes (in HU)

16:30-17:30        Magnificent houses, stinking alleys – Life in the Aquincum Civil Town – guided tour in the Archaeological Park (in HU)

17:00-18:00        Interactive guided tour of the ‘Ingenious Inventions’ exhibition (in HU)

18:00-18:45       Guided tour of the ‘A 7000-year-old message’ exhibition (in HU)

19:00-20:00       Tidy courtyard, reputable house (of the painter)’ – guided tour (in HU)

19:00-20:00       #Aquincum – guided tour in the Archaeological Park (in HU)

20:00-20:45      Tour of the storage rooms of the Prehistoric and Migration Period Collection (in HU) 

21:00-21:30        Ancient Roman necromancy

21:45-22:15         Lughnassad Celtic festival, fire ritual and fire jumping

22:30-23:30       Guided tour by torchlight in the Archaeological Park (in HU)

To take part in the arts and crafts activities, visitors must purchase an additional arts and crafts ticket. (1 ticket 300 HUF, 4 tickets 1000 HUF)

For the detailed programme at all participating institutions visit the event website or Facebook page.