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Gladiator camp

Gladiator ludus for kids from age 12 at the Aquincum Museum. Only available in Hungarian.

Ludus means gladiator school. At this camp kids will receive proper gladiatorial training. On the last day of camp they will have to prove their knowledge – both theoretical and practical – to the head of the ludus, the Lanista. If they pass the tests, the young gladiators will receive a gladiator rank and name, which they can use during the next camp. This will be the third year that we are organising our camp this way. We have several returning gladiators, who help us turn the camp into a small community. Fun at the ludus is guaranteed!

With the help of researchers of ancient warfare, participants can learn about the life, weapons, armour and types of gladiators. They can also practise through light drills the combat style of gladiators. They will be trained to use the gladius, spear and shield – all child-sized and lighter than the originals.

During the camp, through role play, we seek to introduce life in ancient Rome to the young gladiators – from customs through gestures to social ranks.

Since there will be two gladiatorial training sessions a day during the camp, where children will learn how to fight like gladiators with practice (foam) weapons, the camp is not recommended for children under the age of 12.