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Meanwhile – Simultaneous events on the banks of the Tiber and the Danube

New temporarily exhibition in the Aquincum Museum from 3 February 2018

History is worth dwelling on, not to mention the story of the Roman world. Out of this huge and educational amount of knowledge we present ten stories in this exhibition. To make it more interesting, to these 10 stories that took part on the banks of the Tiber, we add ten stories that happened simultaneously in the area that we know and love as Budapest today. 20 good reasons, to wonder about history. Could the sky drop on the Gauls? Can we consider a left handed gladiator valuable? And what about the „Cadaver Synod”? And Shakespeare not having talked about it, one can get the answers to the question causing sleepless nights: why the families of Romeo and Juliet loathed each other? Is the secret name of Rome known, yet? What were the two favourite pastimes of Emperor Domitian? And who is Pasquino whatsoever?


 Mindeközben - gladiátor