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Meanwhile – Simultaneous events on the banks of the Tiber and the Danube

Temporary exhibition at the Aquincum Museum from 6 February 2018 unil 4 November 2019.

It is worth dwelling on history; and on the history of Rome all the more so. From this rich and edifying source of knowledge the exhibition presents ten stories. To make it even more interesting, for every event on the banks of the Tiber, we present a contemporaneous story from the area that we now know (and love) as Budapest. So: 20 good reasons to dwell a bit on history. From the colourful panels you’ll find answer to questions like: can the sky fall on the heads of the Gauls? Was a left-handed gladiator valuable? What was the “Cadaver Synod”? And since Shakespeare forgot to explain you can find the answer here to the question that’s been keeping everyone up at night: why did the families of Romeo and Juliet hate each other so much? Also, is Rome’s secret name already known? What were the Emperor Domitian’s two favourite pastimes? And who is this Pasquino anyway?


 Mindeközben - gladiátor