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The people of dragons and birds – The Celts of Csepel Island

Temporary exhibition at the Aquincum Museum from 26 April until 31 October 2019.

Between 2004 and 2008, the Budapest History Museum’s Department of Prehistory and the Migration Period, carried out preventive excavations on the entire site of the Sewage Treatment Plant to be constructed at the northern tip of Csepel Island. In the area of some 13 hectares, archaeologists found 900 features containing archaeological finds. These included finds belonging to well-known prehistoric cultures as well as a Late Iron Age (4th-2nd century BC) Celtic cemetery.

The populous and warlike Celts from beyond the Rhine came to inhabit almost the entirety of Europe. They owed their victories primarily to their iron weapons. No cemetery from this period has been unearthed before in Budapest.

The exhibition presents the funerary customs of the Celts, the changing rites, as well as the dress and tools of the age.