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Pannonia Provincia Program in Aquincum

2015. August 27.

Between 2009 and 2012 the development of the Budapest History Museum’s Aquincum Museum has gained new momentum.

In 2009 the museum submitted a successful application for the KMOP-2009-3.1.1/C grant of the European Union for the development of tourist products and attractions and won 300,000,000 HUF, complemented by a 33 million HUF contribution from the Municipality of Budapest. Constructions began in early April 2010, during which the area open to visitors increased by almost 2 hectares, and the museum space has been increased by nearly 600 sq m. There have also been significant changes in the infrastructure: a new entrance with a cashier’s desk and city wall, new visitor lavatories and an educational activity room have been constructed, and the museum resources for visitors have been increased (Roman house reconstruction, Virtual experience area, Mythological playground, Chronoscope).