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Thermae Maiores

Thermae Maiores – a 2000-year-old spa in the heart of Óbuda

The panel exhibition at the Baths Museum opened on 27 July 2018.

Kuzsinszky Bálint

Kuzsinszky 80

Temporary exhibition in memory of Dr Bálint Kuzsinszky in the “Dirke” building of the Aquincum Museum from 24 August 2018 until 31 October 2018.


Stop.Shop – The world of workshops and shops in Roman Aquincum

The temporary exhibition is open until 31 October

Mindeközben - gladiátor

Meanwhile – Simultaneous events on the banks of the Tiber and the Danube

New temporary exhibition at the Aquincum Museum from 6 February 2018

Hadrianus MCM_logo1

Hadrian MCM – A story of an antique carreer

Temporary exhibition in the Aquincum Museum between 26 May and 31 October 2017.


On secret paths – dark spells in Aquincum

“There is no one, too, who does not dread being spell-bound by means of evil imprecations.”, mentioned Pliny the Elder almost two thousand years ago. Romans were not secured against evil spells in Pannonia either as it was suggested by the three engraved lead curse tablets which were found recently hidden in a dug ditch around Roman graves in Óbuda.


(HU) Korábbi időszaki kiállításaink

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