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Visitor regulations at the Aquincum Museum


Dear Visitors,

Under the current regulations of the Hungarian government, from 3 July 2021, visitors are no longer obligated to wear a face mask in public institutionsOur exhibitions can be visited without an Immunity Certificate. In the case of events, the conditions of participation (immunity certificate, maximum number of participants, etc.) are always stated in the event description.

Please continue to choose the contactless payment option at our ticket offices and purchase your tickets online in advance via jegy.hu.

Thank you for your co-operation, and we wish you a pleasant visit!
During your visit we ask that you:

1. Do not enter cordoned-off areas
2. Follow the recommended paths in the Archaeological park 
3. Mind your step on the uneven walking surfaces from the Roman period
4. Do not climb or walk on the walls
5. Do not go between the underfloor heating pillars
6. Do not climb into the heating or drainage ducts
7. Do not leave children unsupervised in the Archaeological park
8. Children are free to run and play in the open area near the theatre of the Archaeological park

Please follow these guidelines while visiting the Archaeological park for your own safety and those around you.