Hírlevél feliratkozás

A csillaggal (*) jelölt mezők kitöltése kötelező.

Museum classes for lower primary school pupils at the BHM Aquincum Museum.

The price covers the entry and the session, but excludes the guided tour in a foreign language, to which an extra fee applies.

Museum classes are free for schools in Óbuda-Békásmegyer (District 3 of Budapest). 

In accordance with Government decree 1502/2017.(VIII.11.) on visits to national museums, full-time pupils travelling to visit the BHM Aquincum Museum as a group organised by their school, are eligible for free travel by Hungarian rail. For more details click here. (In Hungarian)


Please register at least 2 weeks before arrival by email: regisztracio@aquincum.hu

Museum classes are available from Tuesday to Friday.

If you are coming with more than one class, please choose another session for the other class.

Due to the large number of museum classes, in case of an arrival 30 minutes or more after the beginning of the reserved session, we consider the registration to be lapsed.

No more museum classes can be booked for the dates below:

May: 2-31.
June: 1-15.
July: 11-14.  





What do the ruins tell us? 

Themed guided tour and treasure hunt in the Archaeological Park

The pupils walk through the museum’s Archaeological Park in a guided tour, and then, in groups, use what they heard during the tour in a fun contest. The tasks include a “treasure hunt” in the Archaeological Park and completing an activity sheet.

Length: 1.5 hours

Price: 1200 HUF/pupil (min. 10 max. 30 pupils) + fee for the guided tour in a foreign language (10-25 participants: 14,000 HUF/group, 26+ participants: 18,000 HUF/group).

Recommended age: 9-11 years


Become a master mosaic maker!

Themed guided tour and arts and crafts session

The pupils learn about the Aquincum Civil Town and mosaics during a guided tour. They can then try out simple techniques of mosaic-making, and can take home the small picture they make.

Length: 1.5 hours

Price : 1500 HUF/pupil (min. 10 max. 15 pupils) + fee for the guided tour in a foreign language (14,000 HUF/group).

Recommended age: 9-11 years

The session can also be held at the Hercules villa between 1 April and 31 October.


City life in Aquincum

Themed guided tour and arts and crafts session

The pupils take part in a themed guided tour of the museum’s Archaeological Park or permanent exhibition, and use what they see during the arts and crafts workshop. They can then take home the objects they make.

Length: 1.5 hours

Price : 1500 HUF/pupil (min. 10 max. 20 pupils) + fee for the guided tour in a foreign language (14,000 HUF/group).

Recommended age: 9-11 years

For school groups of pupils between the ages 6 and 8, we offer guided tours of the House of the Painter. The tour costs 14,000 HUF/group (max. 25 pupils). The fee of the tour does not include the entry price.