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Dear Visitors and Event Organisers,

For more information concerning our event venues please contact us at aquincum@aquincum.hu.


Event venues
Budapest History Museum – Aquincum Museum

ELMŰ building
Governor’s Palace room

  • Richly decorated exhibition space, heavily punctuated by mosaics, frescoes and display cases
  • Size: 236 sq m

Organ room

  • Elegant hall with wood-panelled walls, displaying copies of the world-famous Aquincum organ’s parts and its reconstructed working copy
  • Size: 70 sq m

Lecture room

  • Lecture room with a projector and modern interior; easy to rearrange e.g. theatre style or boardroom style. There is a row of cupboards along one of the walls, and a display case in the corner opposite
  • Size: 35 sq m

Lobby and cloakroom

  • Lobby of the modern museum building with ancient artefacts
  • Size: 75 sq m lobby + 22 sq m cloakroom

Town wall lapidarium

  • Semi-covered space following the former line of the Civil Town’s southern wall, punctuated by Roman stone monuments
  • Size: 38 sq m covered space + 130 sq m V-shaped open space
  • Can be lit at night

House of the painter

  • Reconstructed and furnished Roman house
  • Size: 100 sq m house + 38 sq m covered veranda + 420 sq m open space around the house
  • The building can be lit from the outside

Old exhibition building and lapidarium

  • The buildings’ style combines the ambiance of the belle époque with Roman architectural features. The colonnaded lapidarium includes both open and closed spaces
  • Can be lit at night

Large field

  • Large, grassy area by the eastern edge of the museum, parallel to the lapidarium; suitable even for event tents; electric power available from the nearby building
  • Size: 1200 sq m