In the shadow of the Roman eagle

Permanent exhibition

In the shadow of the Roman eagle - Military life along the Aquincum limes. New permanent exhibition from 14 September 2023.


Rome in Aquincum

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition at the Aquincum Museum presents the world-famous Aquincum organ and archaeological finds from the Governor’s Palace.


Aquincum Visible Storage

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition presents the past of the Hungarian capital from Prehistory to the Migration Period through over 1400 finds.


House of the Painter

Permanent exhibition

The house, built and furnished in the Roman style, offers a look into the homes of the Aquincum Civil Town.



Permanent exhibition

History made from clay: The role of ceramics in the Roman Period architecture of Aquincum

Symphorus mithraeum

Mithras in Aquincum

Permanent exhibition

The Symphorus mithraeum and the mysterious cult of Mithras in Aquincum


Thermae Maiores

Permanent exhibition

A 2000-year-old spa in the heart of Óbuda. Panel exhibition at the Baths Museum. The Baths Museum is temporarily closed to visitors. Thank you for your understanding!

Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020