Aquincum hits the road!

Between 23 September and 10 November 2019 the Aquincum Museum hits the road! The purpose of the travelling museum is to give primary and secondary school pupils, for whom it would otherwise be impossible or very difficult to visit the museum, an opportunity to learn about the Roman heritage of the capital. Only available in Hungarian.

Participants can learn about the Roman heritage of the capital: cosmetics, clothing, games and childhood, writing, lights, food and dining, army life, science, religion and holidays, and major events in Roman life.

The subjects covered by the travelling museum are not substitutes for the school curriculum. They act as complements to the material covered in class, which help students immerse themselves more in the Roman period. In addition to the “dry facts” of the history books, we bring to life, with the help of artefacts which students can also touch, those time periods of Antiquity which are most important to us.

For further details contact us at aquincum@aquincum.hu


Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020