Cena Saturnalia MMXVIII Aquincum

The Cena Saturnalia has been cancelled for technical reasons. Thank you for your understanding!

A special dinner based on the recipes of Marcus Gavius Apicius

The Friends of Aquincum and Omne Luxe cordially invite you to an authentic Roman feast on 9 December 2018 at 16:00 at the Aquincum Museum (Szentendrei út 135, Budapest 1031), where – between the courses – we will talk about food, spices and ancient gastronomy (in Hungarian).

Participation fee: 12,500 HUF which includes the five-course meal and the wine.

As we can only accommodate a limited number of guests, please confirm your attendance by sending us an email to omneluxus@gmail.com

I. Aliter Fungi – Forest mushrooms in a different way
II. Isicia de scillis – Crab cakes
III. Patinam Apicianam – The Apicius-platter
IV. Dulcia Domestica – Cake
V. Palmulas – Stuffed dates

We reserve the right to make changes. Allergens: fish, nuts, oily seeds, flour, eggs, alcohol

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