Budapest History Museum – Aquincum Museum and Archaeological Park

1. It is dangerous and forbidden to climb up/down, stand on, or jump from the Roman wall remains, the ducts of the underfloor heating systems, the sewers or any protruding, tall (including modern) features in the Archaeological Park! It is dangerous and forbidden to enter closed-off areas!

2. It is forbidden to touch the artefacts exhibited in the Museum! It is forbidden consume food or drink in the exhibition areas.

3. Any theft, vandalism or other offence or crime committed on Museum premises will result in immediate expulsion from the premises and prosecution.

4. Approach with special caution event areas and activities that pose a risk to physical safety (e.g. re-enactment or craft demonstrations) and keep a safe distance.

5. For the safety of our cultural heritage and all those on Museum premises, please follow the directions of Museum Staff. Members of the Armed Security Guard have a right and duty to notify, warn and take action against those in breach of the Regulations.

6. All Visitors take part in the museum visit and events at their own risk. The Museum accepts no responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or other damages – especially those caused by irresponsible conduct or not observing the rules. Please pay special attention to the safety of persons younger than 18 years of age in your care or group.

7. The Museum premises may be accessed only via the designated gates. Entering (or leaving) via a non-designated point is dangerous and strictly forbidden!

8. Entry to the Museum is only possible with a valid ticket. Visitors receive a ticket at the entrance and must show it to Security upon request.

9. Please place your trash in one of the many bins provided. Please use the toilet facilities for their intended purpose. The use of non-designated places as a toilet is strictly forbidden!

10. Smoking on Museum premises is only permitted at the designated smoking area(s).

11. It is forbidden to enter the Museum premises in clothing incompatible with the museum setting, as well as to engage in conduct and activities that are flagrant, incompatible with the museum setting, or in breach of general social norms. In all cases, proceedings will be taken against those who commit an offence and/or crime.

12. For security purposes cameras are in operation on Museum premises, in accordance with the law. Additionally, during events, image and audio recordings are taken by the Organisers for documentary and commercial purposes and anyone may appear in these recordings. Those who appear in the recordings may make no claim against the Organisers, the recorders and the rightful users of the recordings.

Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020