A 7000-Year-Old Message – Our exhibition in the Summer 2021 issue of Hungarian Archaeology

Read the new article about our "A 7000-Year-Old Message: Remains of the Neolithic World in and around Budapest" exhibition and the connected catalogue in the e-journal Hungarian Archaeology!

Alexandra Anders ‘A 7000-Year-Old Message: Remains of the Neolithic World in and around Budapest. Thoughts on the Temporary Exhibition of the Budapest History Museum at the Aquincum Museum’ Hungarian Archaeology Vol. 10 (2021), Issue 2, pp. 62–67

“The Budapest History Museum’s Aquincum Museum opened its new temporary exhibition in December 2019, which presents the world of the first food producers based on their archaeological remains uncovered in Budapest. The exhibition is an important milestone in the research of the Neolithic in many ways. Only rarely do we get to see exhibitions focusing on this exceptionally exciting period which brought major changes for humanity. It is also highly significant for the Hungarian capital. Although Neolithic settlements and select finds uncovered by excavations on different construction sites have been presented before in exhibitions with a broad range, such a detailed and concentrated overview of the subject has long been missing from the rich exhibition repertoire of the museum.”

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