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Hadrian’s year 2017

Publius Aelius Hadrianus, one of the - if not the - most significant Roman emperors ascended the throne 1900 years ago.

His name was immortalised not by major conquests and bloody victories, but by his defence of the borders which stabilised the empire, his vast building projects involving exceptional feats of engineering, and his conscientious management of affairs in the provinces. 

The Aquincum Museum pays tribute to the remarkable Roman Emperor with a series of events and a new temporary exhibitions in 2017.


20-21 May 2017  Floralia – Roman spring festival in Aquincum

16-17 September 2017 European Heritage Days

17 September 2017 Roman Festival

29 September 2017 Researchers’ Night

28 October 2017 Hadrian MCM – A story of an ancient carreer exhibition closing event

7-9 November 2017 Hadrian conference