Changing opening times

As of 26 May we are making changes to the opening times of the Aquincum Museum.

Dear Visitors,

As of today:

  • We are ending age-based time slots. Visitors can visit the Archaeological Park during opening hours, in two-hour-long time slots, without age-based restrictions.
  • The time slots for the Baths Museum are 1-hour long, for the Hercules Villa ½-hour long
  • We are increasing the number of visitors allowed to enter per time slot:
    • Archaeological Park: 38 persons/hour
    • Baths Museum: 23 persons/hour
    • Hercules Villa:   15 persons/half hour

Until further notice, we are unable to receive groups (this does not apply to those living in the same household).

To read the detailed guidelines for visitors click here.

Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020