The Hercules villa of Aquincum and the remains of the Military Town. Guide Book.

The Hercules Villa takes its name from the mosaic floor, made of tiny pieces of stone and depicting Hercules, found here and rightly considered the most beautiful mosaic of Pannonia. The building complex, decorated with several mosaics, wall paintings, and stuccos was one of the Roman period elegant town houses built in the northern strip of the Aquincum Military Town and remodelled a number of times. The elegant house reflected the lifestyle of the rich and influential elite.

Our publication guides visitors through the small museum housing the ruins of this ornate Roman home filled with mosaics and equipped with a mosaic-ornamented bath suite. It presents the colourful mosaic floors with varied patterns and decorated with figural scenes from mythology and daily life. It also tells the story of the Military Town and introduces its visible remains. Maps, drawings, reconstructions and photographs help decipher the Roman ruins.

The book can be purchased at the Aquincum Museum and the Hercules villa, or by e-mail (aquincum@aquincum.hu). Price: 2000 HUF

Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020