House of the Painter

The house, built and furnished in the Roman style, offers a look into the homes of the Aquincum Civil Town.

The House of the Painter is a so-called strip-building, rebuilt several times between the first half of the second and middle of the third century AD. The rooms were constructed on different levels because of the way the area slopes. Presently, the central part of the house is visible (1-9). Rooms with wall paintings opening from a corridor occupied its northern part (10-16) while a cellar (17-19) as well as a backyard (20) were attached to the building towards the south.

Festőház alaprajz

1. Porch (portico)
2. Entrance corridor
3. Dwelling room
4. Dwelling room
5. Atrium
6. Kitchen
7. Dining room (triclinium)
8. Reception hall (tablinum)
9. Porch (portico)
10. Dwelling room (?)
11. Dwelling room
12. Dwelling room (?)
13. Furnance room (praefurnium)
14. Heated room
15. Corridor
16. Porch (portico)
17. Cellar entrance
18. Cellar
19. Outhouse (?)
20. Backyard
Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020