Become an ancient engineer!

The ingenious inventions and innovative ideas of the ancient world – knowledge and experience corner returns from 4 April until 29 October 2023 to the “Dirké” building of the Aquincum Museum.

What do you think, did Archimedes like to bathe? For what was air used in Antiquity? Do you know how to determine the latitude with just a stick? Have you heard that inscribed stone evidence of ancient geographical and astronomical knowledge came to light in Budapest? Can you believe that around 21 June in Aquincum an hour lasted 80 minutes? Can you find north without GPS or a compass? Do you know what a groma is? Can you calculate digitally? What do you think, how big a unit of measurement a foot or a day’s worth of plough land might be? Did you know that the rivalry between two knowledge-collecting rulers helped create books?

If you do not know but want to find out, or if you do know but want to learn more, come and visit the Aquincum Museum’s knowledge and experience corner, where you can learn about the experiments of ancient scientists and step into the sandals of Roman engineers.

Curator: Dr Gabriella Fényes

Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020