Rome in Aquincum

The permanent exhibition at the Aquincum Museum presents the world-famous Aquincum organ and archaeological finds from the Governor’s Palace.

Evoking the former splendour of the Governor’s residence, Rome in Aquincum displays some of the palace’s previously unexhibited and recently restored mosaics, as well as wall paintings, the palace shrines’ – in many cases monumental – statues and reconstructions of a fountain and an ornamental stone vessel, testaments to the once luxurious furnishing of the palace. The exhibition also displays a selection of valuable items from Aquincum such as imported bronze, glass and ceramic vessels as well as gold and silver jewellery.


Another special feature of the exhibition is that more than 75 years after its discovery our world-famous relic of music history, the Aquincum organ could be presented in a worthy setting. The remains of the instrument were discovered in 1931 during the construction of the same building in which we can now see the extant parts of the organ, along with a reconstruction of its structure as well as a working reconstruction of the organ.

Hear the sounds of the Aquincum organ!

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