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Permanent exhibition at the Aquincum Museum

The permanent exhibition of at the Aquincum museum is now open to the public in the recently re-built and restored ‘electrical transformer house’, a protected monument building in its own right, constructed in Neo-Classical style and situated at the edge of the archeological park. The exhibition presents valuable but never before exhibited finds from the rich collections of the museum. The exhibition hall is now spacious enough to hold the freshly restored mosaics and wall paintings from the governor’s palace excavations. The visitors can also see monumental statues which formerly stood in sanctuaries, the dolphin fountain or a reconstruction of a large ornamental stone vessel (crater). These objects all reflect the luxurious nature of the palace’s interior. The objects presented in the cases, including imported bronze, glass or ceramic vessels as well as the gold and silver jewelry, were all part of the daily life the governor and the coterie surrounding him.
The other unique aspect of the new exhibition is that the world famous archaeological find, the Aquincum organ, can again be exhibited some 75 years after it was first brought to light. The remnants of the organ were discovered during excavations preceding foundation work on the building that today serves as the main exhibition building of the Aquincum Museum. The preserved parts of the organ, the reconstrution of its structure and mechanism as well as a playable copy are also on exhibit here.

 Az Aquincumi orgona hangja

feltöltve:  2013. február 13.