The Aquincum Museum and Archaeological Park is a ‘Dog-friendly venue’. Visitors may bring dogs into the outdoor and indoor exhibition spaces if they follow the Dog-friendly house rules, which can be read below.


1. The areas open to visitors in the museum may be visited with
• disability assistance dogs (of all sizes)
• small and medium-sized dogs (excluding so-called dangerous dogs).

Small dogs: dogs of a height of less than 35 cm at the withers and/or of a weight less than 12 kg. Medium-sized dogs: dogs of a height of 40-55 cm at the withers and/or of a weight of 12-34 kg.

2. A visitor may enter museum premises with maximum 3 dogs. When visiting with multiple dogs, the visitor must ensure that the dogs do not disturb visitors, other dogs or each other.

3. A dog may only be brought to the museum on a leash or in a carrier. Under no circumstances may a dog designated as dangerous be brought to the museum even when wearing a muzzle preventing the chance of bites.

4. To prevent accidents, visitors must keep their dog by their feet on a short leash. Please keep this in mind also when using a flexi leash.

5. Only those visitors may bring a dog to the museum who have the full ability and capability necessary for controlling, handling and restraining their dog.

6. Only healthy, well-socialised, clean, house-trained dogs with a suitable temperament may be brought to the museum and in such a way that they do not endanger the health and safety of others, arouse fear or disturb the peace of visitors.

7. Only those dogs may be brought to the museum that were dewormed within no more than 3 months, given the vaccines appropriate for their age and fitted with a microchip. Upon request, the visitor with a dog must present evidence thereof.

8. Visitors with a dog must ensure that the dog does not disturb the peace of other visitors with noisy behaviour or in any other way.

9. Visitors with a dog are responsible for all acts of their dog, for all damages caused by their dog and the consequences (violation of the criminal code, civil code and regulations and particularly for paying all compensations and damages).

10. The cleaning up of dog excrement and the disposal thereof at the designated place is the responsibility of the visitor with a dog.

11. If a visitor wishes to bring to the museum a dog that does not meet the above requirements, or is on museum premises with a dog which is in a condition or behaving in a way that does not meet the above requirements, any member of museum staff may request the visitor with the dog to remove the dog from the premises and the visitor with the dog must comply with the request without delay. If the visitor with the dog does not comply with the request, the dog and the visitor with the dog can be escorted out of the museum premises.

Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020