Pannonia Provincia Program in Aquincum

In recent years the development of the Budapest History Museum’s Aquincum Museum has gained new momentum.

In 2009 the museum submitted a successful application for the KMOP-2009-3.1.1/C grant of the European Union for the development of tourist products and attractions and won 300,000,000 HUF, complemented by a 33 million HUF contribution from the Municipality of Budapest. Constructions began in early April 2010, during which the area open to visitors increased by almost 2 hectares, and the museum space increased by nearly 600 sq m. There have also been significant developments in the infrastructure: a new entrance with a cashier’s desk and town wall, new visitor lavatories and an educational activity room have been installed, and the museum resources for visitors have increased considerably.


Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020