Pannonia theme route – report

Organisation of specialist training for the creation of the tourism project ‘Pannonia theme route’

(Grant application number: 204104/1434)

The Budapest History Museum’s Aquincum Museum held a workshop on 10-11 November 2016 entitled “Museum and Tourism 2016” supported by a National Cultural Fund of Hungary grant of 300 000 HUF for specialist training for the creation of the tourism project ‘Pannonia theme route’. To implement the programme, the Museum asked the help of the Savaria Museum. The workshop aimed to connect museums in Hungary with Roman collections in order to expand the tourism offer and increase awareness concerning the cultural goods and services at these institutions. The partnership threw new light upon the “Travelling in Roman Pannonia” initiative of 2002. The workshop gave participants an opportunity to present how they could join a theme route of Roman museums and with what attractions they could enrich the tourism offer. During the session, participants discussed further opportunities to expand the museum offer, the difficulties the sector is facing and the possible solutions. In addition to representatives of the invited museums, participants also included tourism experts who can help lay the foundations of a theme route and institutional partnerships.

The workshop’s long-term aim is to encourage Roman museums in Hungary to see each other not as rivals, but to support each other, working together on promoting their offer. The programme was an excellent opportunity for museum specialists from across the country to familiarise themselves with the offer, opportunities, marketing activities etc. in other museums, and to start working on shared plans for the future. The workshop during autumn 2016 is the first step in the cooperation, which aims to strengthen museum marketing, effective partnerships with TDMs, and high-quality cultural promotion.

In order to keep and strengthen the connection between the institutions, the organisers believe the programme should continue in 2017. For the next workshop, organisers are planning on inviting foreign museums as well. The Carnuntum Archaeological Park has already been contacted.

Thank you for the support and please accept this report.

Budapest, 5 January 2017

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