Contra Aquincum

The Contra Aquincum fort (known earlier as Transaquincum) stood at the mouth of the Rákos Stream, by present-day Népfürdő Street. The structure can no longer be seen.

The other fort on the Pest side, stood on the bank of the Danube across from the legionary fortress and the governor’s palace. The fort (76 m x 78 m) was connected to the Buda side by a bridge. 

The fort located on Március 15 Square was formerly known as Contra Aquincum. Recent research, however, indicates that the ancient name of the fort would have been Castellum contra Teutanum. The name Contra Aquincum can be applied to the fort at the mouth of the Rákos Stream, previously known as Transaquincum.

Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020