The ruins of a barrack block and sanctuary

The ruins are at the intersection of Vöröskereszt Street and Miklós Street.

The legionaries’ accommodation was significantly simpler than that of centurions. Centuriae were housed in detached blocks which stood facing each other along narrow streets. A block consisted of 13 sets of bedrooms and anterooms, which opened from the colonnaded porch. The weapons were stored in the anteroom and a bedroom of approximately 16 sq. m. would usually sleep 8 soldiers.

Excavations in Vöröskereszt Street found the remains of a few bed- and weapons-chambers, as well as parts of a colonnaded porch and street. The block was built in the 2nd century, renovated a number of times, and fundamentally remodelled in the 4th century. Following the construction of the late Roman fortress, a hall with an apse was built over the barrack blocks, which was certainly a public building, possibly a temple.

In the 13th century a Franciscan church and monastery was constructed over the building.

A copy of a Roman column capital found here marks the location of the ruins.

Széchenyi 2020
Széchenyi 2020