F.E.A.S.T. A three-course belly history

Temporary exhibition at the Aquincum Museum from 28 July 2022 until 29 October 2023.

I would like to start by explaining the title: the exhibition F(eatures) E(xciting) A(limentary) S(ubjects) and T(idbits); it covers the topic of nourishment, a basic necessity of human life. As we shall see, in the various periods, ‘basic’ was far exceeded by certain eating habits. Through this ‘Three-course belly history’ – of the three archaeological periods covered by our museum – we would like to give visitors a taste of the dietary possibilities, habits and sometimes excesses of the peoples who lived before us. We offer our visitors a glimpse into their nourishment from the food of palaelothic humans, through the diet of the ancient Romans, to the cuisine of the peoples who lived here until the end of the Migration Period (late Avar period). We will cover scarcity, abundance, puritanical meals and sumptuous feasts. The colourful exhibition panels on gastronomic history are not meant to be exhaustive; as counterpoint we sought to present a lively variety. We hope everyone will find something to their taste in the exhibition.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our exhibition!

Adrienn Vukics
head curator

Curators of the exhibition: Viktória Kisjuhász, Boglárka Mészáros, Adrienn Vukics 

The exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.


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