Endurance – Courage – Hope


In episode five of our online exhibition "Ingenious inventions – Innovative ideas", we'll take a glimpse into the lives of everyday heroes from the ancient history of technology!


Antonius the town warden of Aquincum


No one likes it if the streets are dirty or that the roads are full of potholes, and certainly no one likes to be cheated at the market. It was no different in ancient Aquincum. In the Roman predecessor of Budapest there were dedicated officials to take care of this. They were called the aediles. In this instalment of our blog we will meet them and also come across once again the prominent town councillor M. Antonius Victorinus.

The Aquincum traffic jam blog (#14) – The civilian amphitheatre


The Aquincum traffic jam blog, which brings you Óbuda’s hidden and not-so-hidden Roman remains, is back on the road. Next up: the amphitheatre of the Aquincum Civil Town!


Hajnóczi_100 – Interview with the curator


The Aquincum Museum’s temporary exhibition commemorates Gyula Hajnóczi, a leading figure in the 20th century history of monument protection in Hungary, on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Interview with the exhibition’s curator, Katalin L. Kurucz.


Ingenious inventions – Innovative ideas. Interview with the curator.


The Aquincum Museum’s new temporary exhibition presents an especially fruitful period in Antiquity for the history of technology. Visitors can find out about the ingenious inventions of the age, and the geniuses who created them. Interview with the curator, archaeologist Dr Gabriella Fényes.