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Ctesibius: The barber of Alexandria – the father of pneumatics


As part of our new temporary exhibition “Ingenious inventions – Innovative ideas: Episodes from the history of ancient technology” we are regularly presenting online 2000-year-old innovations in science and technology, and give tips on how those interested can become ancient engineers. At the heart of our first episode is Ctesibius: The barber of Alexandria - the father of pneumatics.


Aquincum traffic jam blog (#13)


The Aquincum traffic jam blog, which brings you Óbuda’s hidden and not-so-hidden Roman remains, is back on the road. Even if there’s not much traffic to speak of these days. Next up: the northern wall of the Aquincum Civil Town!


A 7000-year-old message – interview with the curator


The Aquincum Museum’s new exhibition introduces visitors to the Neolithic past of the Hungarian capital. At the exhibition we can learn about the people of this distant age, their daily lives, surroundings, and thoughts. Interview with the curator, archaeologist Dr Zsuzsanna M. Virág.


Aquincum traffic jam blog (#12)


The Civil Town’s southern cemetery

Laser cleaning of a Mithras shrine wall painting fragment


We had a highly contaminated fragment of a wall painting found in the Mithras shrine at the Aquincum legionary fortress in 1979 cleaned using a laser. The laser cleaning procedure was carried out by stone sculptor-conservator Dr Ivett Kisapáti (Carter & Carter Ltd., www.carterart.hu).